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10 ways to be your boss’s favorite employee. -Even if they never say it out loud.

1. Be positive.


Being a leader involves a lot of problem solving. Much of your boss’s day is spent thinking about processes that are broken, employee complaints and negative issues. The positive employees stand out and are greatly appreciated.

2. Have a sense of humor.


Sometimes the only solution in a terrible situation is to laugh. Laughing at the boss’s jokes is highly encouraged. Being able to keep a sense of humor, especially about yourself, is a refreshing quality in an employee.

3. Don’t just volunteer, follow through!


What ever you have raised your hand to volunteer for will become your boss’s job if you don’t follow through. Volunteering in meetings is only the first step.

4. Make their job easier.


It may seem like your boss is getting credit for your hard work. Really they are getting credit for having a exemplary employee. If you can take something off their plate, do it.

5. Meet deadlines and bring solutions.

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Feedback and reporting company issues is important, but bring a possible solution when you knock on the office door. Meeting deadlines or at least keeping your boss in the loop of your progress is vital. After you were assigned a task, she is counting on you to cross the finish line.

6. Be honest. Leaders need constructive critiquing too.


Yes, laughing at the boss’s jokes is good, but being a yes-man is not helpful. Be honest, in a kind way, to help your boss recognize areas that need improvement.

7. Give trust.

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Don’t automatically assume that every decision or action your boss makes is a direct attempt to ruin your life.

8. Say thank you.

thank you
Just as much as you like to feel appreciated, your boss needs it too. He probably can’t remember the last time an employee thanked him. If the thought of your boss quitting makes you feel ill, let them know how much you appreciate them now. Leaders usually do not hear the positive impacts they made on employees until their going away party. Too little. Too late.

9. Tell them what you need.


Leaders want you to be successful, but are not mind readers. Tell them what you need. It may not be possible to immediately get your needs filled, but knowing is half the battle.

10. Let them have a bad day.

bad day

Everyone has the occasional bad day. Your leader is human and is going to disappoint you and themselves at some point. Don’t judge them too harshly for one bad shift. Grab the tissues and chocolate and let them know that tomorrow is a new day.




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