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If Hogwarts was Nursing School

Nursing school is hard! 

It would be nice to magically memorize anatomy or conjure perfect care plans.

What if Hogwarts was your Nursing School?

sorting hat
The sorting hat would assign you into clinical groups.

Professor Snape
Snape would be your pharmacology professor.

Care Plans would be VERY individualized. 

Wizard robes would come in pediatric cartoon styles.

McGonagall would be the teacher you asked to pin you in the pinning ceremony.

Time-turners would be required for every student.

Trelawney would be your Psych clinical instructor.

 Hermione would be the student that kept the class in lecture the day the teacher said it would be a short class.

Ron would ask to study off your indexed and cross referenced notes and then lose them.

OWLS would be the HESI exam, but everyone knows only the Newt exams get you your license.

You would miss out on the whole Dark Lord has returned thing, because you are always in the library’s  restricted section studying acid base balance and Kreb cycle.

Graduation would be in the Great Hall.

Your nursing school friends are there with you through it all!

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