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There are No Guaranties in Pregnancy

Moms are brave.

Pregnancy is a normal function of life.  Most pregnancies proceed on a predictable course and result in a healthy baby. Although it is a normal part of life, pregnancy is unpredictable. There are no guarantees.  Some of the bravest people I have met have been mothers that were facing unknown outcomes.  Women that faithfully endure days, weeks or months of bed rest amaze me.  Mothers whom have lost babies in previous pregnancies bravely try again, and again.  Starbucks and sushi are passed over for the health of the baby.  All these sacrifices and more moms willingly make. Moms bravely face the unknown with faith in the future.

One brave mom checked herself in to the hospital at the request of her obstetrician.  She was late in the second trimester and her baby was not doing well.  While I asked her the standard questions I saw the tears build in her eyes.  I turned away from the computer and sat next to her.  I asked her why she was being admitted.  I knew, but I wanted her to be able to tell me.  She opened up and began telling me, first her diagnosis, then her fears followed by her hopes.  My eyes stung as I forced back my own tears.  This woman had been smiling and laughing moments before.  She was incredibly brave.  I held her hand briefly and I told her that she was in exactly the right place for her baby.  I assured her that we, as her care team, would do all that we could to help her and her baby through the challenges that they were facing.  Those were not empty words.  I believe that we work miracles in OB every day. I am grateful that brave mamas place their trust and hope in our hands.  I never want to let them down.



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