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Post Conference Tool: Delegation

Two challenging concepts to master, as a new nurse, are prioritization and delegation.  I am sharing the attached tool for anyone that teaches nursing students or new grads.  Its a quick delegation activity to get a discussion going on prioritzation and delegation.  There are suggested answers, but of course there will be more than one way to delegate the tasks.


Enjoy and I hope that at least one of your post conference activities will be covered.


Click for the Free PDF: Delegation activity



Delegation activity

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Free PDF: Caring for the Patient with an Eating Disorder



Perinatal nurses are now caring for patients that are higher acuity and with more comorbidities.  Caring for a mother with an eating disorder is rare, but does happen.  Your hospital should have policies in place for caring for these patients.  Attached is a free, one page, information sheet as a quick guide when a patient with eating disorders is admitted on your unit.  Pregnancy can be a stressful time in which old behaviors can return.  A better understanding of this disorder can help you care for mothers that are struggling with these issues.

This is general information is for all adult patients with eating disorders.  Each patient and care plan will be unique and take into the specific patient’s needs, assessment and input from the entire healthcare team.

CLICK BELOW FOR FREE PDF (with references):




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