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You Might Have a Work Spouse if…

Do you have a work spouse?  Not your significant other that happens to work with you. Not the person you go home to at night and share bills and children.  A work spouse is the person (male or female) that you love to see at work, but your relationship is completely platonic .  I have had many work spouses over the years.  My good natured husband has seen them come and go and luckily has never been jealous. In fact he probably is happy that he doesn’t have to listen to me talk about work quite as much since I have already hashed it out with my “other” significant other.


How do you know if you have a work spouse?

Read below for the tell tale signs that someone at your workplace is your work spouse.


You might have a work spouse if…


1. One look in a meeting and you know exactly what they are thinking.





2. You have each other’s backs, no matter what.





3. You don’t get mad when they are honest with you.





4. When you go out on a limb at work, your coworker will join you even if it means they might have a rough time.





5. If your coworker is out for the day it displeases you.





6. Other employees have given you and your coworker a nick name like Bennifer.






7. If you and your coworker were in charge office life would be utopic.





8. You can’t wait to tell your coworker the big news




9. Life decisions are discussed sometimes with your parents, friends, doctor, or clergy , but ALWAYS with your coworker.




10. Your child or pet was named for or by a coworker.





11. You share your darkest secrets and they know where you hide your private stash of chocolate.





12. You don’t get jealous of their well deserved kudos/promotions/raises.





13. You boost each others careers and are each others’ biggest cheerleaders.





14. Mondays are not quite as bad as they used to be.





15. Your real spouse gets tired of hearing what your coworker said or did that was so clever and funny.





16. You don’t quit a job you hate unless they can quit too.



Thanks to all my past, present and future work spouses!





What signs did I miss?  Comment and let me know about your work spouse.



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